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Normal Delivery chennai

Delayed post:
Hello everyone this is kiruthiga, happy to share that we were blessed with a baby boy on may 17th.I was admitted to hospital on the same day morning and I was delivered within 2-3 hours. My sincere thanks to Dr.Suthanthradevi mam and special thanks to Dr.Shruti who was constantly encouraging me to ease the process during the labour😊😊.Though it's a fibroid complicated pregnancy Dr.Kavitha and Dr.Nazeem mam motivated me for normal delivery.Without exercise this may not be possible.Thanks to Dr.Jayashree mam for providing knowledge of birth and exercise and heartfelt gratitude to entire bloom team.We are so glad for choosing Bloom.Thank you everyone for your support.I will refer Bloom for all my friends and family... 😊😊😊

Hi All, I am vasundhara we delivered a baby boy yesterday through normal delivery. I was admitted on 21st May night and got induced, was dilated 5 cm by next day afternoon so they shifted me to labour room, the highlight part is baby weight is 4.1kg still bloom team did normal delivery unlike other hospitals who will go for c section. I would like to thank Kavitha mam for establishing such a great and efficient team who supported me throughout my delivery. I definitely recommend bloom to all my friends and relatives. Heartful thanks to Jayashree mam for all the knowledge sessions regarding delivery and Dr. Kalaiselvi, Dr Bharathi other duty doctors and nurses who supported me through out my delivery...

WaterBirth by Chennai Mom

My birthing story
Warning!! Long post!! 😁😁
almost 3 yrs sister had a beautiful water birth. she was blessed with a baby boy.. and tht chngd my perception about child birth. I too wanted to do a water birth too just like hers(no two deliveries are the same. my bubble popped when i was n labour). So as soon as i got pregnant i came to chennai and went to the right place and met the right people. Bloom hospital Dr.Kavitha gautham and Dr.Jayashree .. i went to prenatal classes which was conducted by Dr.jayashree... got to learn many things about exercises during pregnancy, child birth and infant care. trust me you must attend her classes. one must be aware of whts gng to happen and wht to expect. And during every check ups Dr.nazeem would make sure all my doubts are cleared. She would explain things so well which made me so comfortable. Stress free.
I was due on march 27th.. but nothing went as per plan.
Dr.Kavitha was patient enough with me and agreed to wait a lil longer... on 2nd April arnd 1330hrs pain started .. arnd 1830hrs was the real pain.. phew!! and Dr.jayashree was thr with me from 1600hrs. Making me do exercises and making sure i was well hydrated. my birthing partners (hubby and sister) were also really helpful. and i doubt any other hospital will allow this.. i was so comfortable with my people around. also the nurses who helped me during this time. Hats off to sister Raji. she s amazing!!! i would suggest you listen to doc Jayashree... when she says eat .. you better eat. worked for me..!! so arnd 7ish they took me to the labour room.. hmmm... i went straight to the wester closet. given a chance i would have delivered thr. lol. but thts not what i wanted. so i went to the pool.. nice luke warm water..soothing when i didnt hav contractions 😜 and exercises... just listen to wht ppl tell you. DO NOT RESIST! DO AS TOLD is the key. arnd 2040hrs i remember my husband telling me "babys head is in my hand" just one push away.. and at 2048hrs my baby girl was in my arms!! They let my husband take the baby out and he gave her to me...which made it even more special..also he got the opportunity to cut the cord...most beautiful moment in my life..!!!
Dr.Sathiya priya stitched me up... luckily perineum massages(must do) helped. just few stitches..healed soon. πŸ™πŸ™ Dr.Kavitha Gautham came to see me after the delivery πŸ™‚ her presence always boosts my confidence.
Rest i dont remember ... i was just too excited 😁
Really thankful to Dr.Kavitha Gautham & her team and Dr.Jayashree for giving me such a beautiful birthing experience. A big thank you to all the nurses and other staff members who helped me thru this process πŸ˜ŠπŸ™
Mistakes I made :
* Didn't knw the value of medicine ball. Please buy if possible. Helped a lot during labour.. Even post delivery will b helpful to workout.
* Ate ice-cream every day!! (sugar cravings) try to control as much as u can.
* Workout before conceiving. You need a lot of stamina for the whole process

Mothers experience on HypnoBirth

I wrote a Google review but I never shared my experience with mummies here ..... after reading the recent experience by celebrity Chhavi Mittal, I think I should share my experience here
Mainly to reiterate the point that you are all in excellent hands!
I had a premature rupture of membrane at 36weeks. Usual protocol is to induce labour but because we wanted a natural labour all the bloom doctors respectfully gave us the space to wait for labour to start. The wait was scary as there was no pain and risk of infection was there but the doctors closely monitored me while I shuttled daily from home to hospital. Dr.Jeyshree our doula checked in ever so regularly, also reassuring us in every way possible.
My pain finally started 4 days later, early in the morning but it was very mild. When contractions became more intense it escalated very fast. We rushed to the hospital where I was taken to the labour suite. As I was very close to delivery, within 20min of reaching the hospital baby was born.
Labour of my choice, mainly because I didn’t like my first experience and it was only possible because of Dr.jeyshree & Dr.Kavitha and her team.
I’m almost 6 months post delivery and one thing I’ve understood is birth can happen in many ways but the experience should b a memorable one. Unfortunately many suffer a traumatic experience.
Thank you to the whole team for creating this supported birth experience for all the mothers. No Matter what the mode of delivery is I truly Wish all the mothers here to have a beautiful birth story to cherish & share

Csection on complete Inform consent

Hi all, this is Preeti joy...we are blessed with a baby boy on 01June... Though i got pain at 10.30 at night and was admitted next day early morning around with active labour didn't progress even after 12 we willingly opted for c section. .. Our hearty thanks to Naseem mam and Sathya Priya mam who patiently answered each and every silly doubt of ours in the past 9 months and were with me till the end of my labour...we would also like to thank Dr Bharati and Dr Sruthi who were monitoring us frequently and all the other duty doctors who were with me during and after delivery...
Our special thanks to sister Beena, sister Mahalakshmi, sister Raji and all the other sisters who helped us the entire time until we got discharged from hospital.... Last but not least our sincere and heartfelt thanks to Kavitha mam who really MADE OUR DREAM BLOOM INTO REALITY...we wish her all the success and good health.

Thursday, 2 May 2019

testimonials from Moms for HappyMom services

Hi Everyone... This is Nethra Balachander ..we are happy to share the gr8 news that god blessed us with baby boy on 7th April 2019 by normal delivery. Hearty Thanks  for support from pregnancy till date... Thanks to Jayashree mam for the  classes and knowledge given...Many thanks to  Nurses and duty doctors who  supported us @ hospital all the time with care. 
We are happy that we chose happymom where our life has bloomed with loads of happiness... I am very sure that i would voluntarily recommend all my friends and relatives to happymom for excellent treatment and care... Cheers Nethra Balachander...

We are blessed by God with a baby girl on March 27th in bloom, Velachery.πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘¨‍πŸ‘©‍πŸ‘§‍πŸ‘§πŸ€©πŸ˜
We had attended the classes by Ms. Jayshree.. Being prepared for normal delivery despite having a low lying placenta was startled by the not turn of favourable events to hav a normal birth in the 35th- 37th week n had to go for LSCS in the 38th week n 3rd day.. I’m glad my husband n I could mak a decision even during this crisis with the help of our God n saviour Jesus Christ, Mam Jayshree, Having to cross the delivery process had been a challenge which turned into a mighty blessing.. 

We are happy to share the arrival of our little girl on Tuesday morning at Joseph Nursing Home,  Chetpet. Attended the jaishree mam classes in Bloom.  Thank you for the information mam which helped us to handle the induction process and focus on delivering the baby safe. Proud to be a VBAC mommy.

Happy to inform that we have been blessed with a baby girl on the morning of 23rdMarch, it was a normal delivery. Many thanks to Dr.Jayashree ma'am for her guidance which helped us overcome our anxieties before and during the labour process... . We consider ourselves fortunate to have had the opportunity for the delivery of our child .

Hello all, I'm blessed with baby girl on March 25 πŸ™‚ I went for an elective LSCS as my induction failed to progress. Thank you Dr. Jayashree for giving me the knowledge to make an informed decision. This made me happy about my birth choiceπŸ™‚πŸ™‚ I delivered in KS HOSPITAL VELACHERY. 40w + 5 days. Baby weight : 3.6 kg

Thought to be a csection but turned out to Normal delivery

Hi all, I delivered a baby boy on April 12th 2019. I was on 37th week and got induced on April 11th around 10 pm as my water level was just above low and baby's growth were restricted. There was high possibility to end up in c- section as my little one was lying too posterior and asked us to prepare our mind. Still me and my husband doesn't loose hope and i was continously doing exercises thought during Dr.Jayshree mam class with full positivity. Second induction were given around 6 AM as progress was seen. Dialated around 8 by 9.45 am and the progress was quickening up. Proceeded to normal delivery unfortunately baby heart beat started to drop down in labor ward. Prepared for c- section and progressed to operation theatre. Still doctors gave hope for normal delivery as baby heart beat is improving when i did inhale and exhale continuosly. At last it was a normal delivery in operation theatre.  for my delivery has been one of the best decisions I have taken in my life.
Keerthana Hariharan